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Avery Dennison PPF

Ultimate Protection

Built with advanced engineered layers, Avery Dennison Paint Protection Films are developed to give you peace of mind for everyday vehicle usage.The films advanced protection preserves OEM paint finishes against daily enviromental and road conditions such as stone chips, gravel, scratches, insects, bird droppings and road debris. Avery Dennison PPF films create an advanced barrier between the elements and your cars paint, protecting it with superior stain resistence, and extreme durability against impacts and scratches, even self-healing so that your paint is always looking factory new. These films are designed to protect your vehicles paint from extreme outdoor weathering conditions. 

PPF: About

PPF Films Offered

Pricing is dependent on vehicle and vehicle coverage choice

Complete Vehicle Coverage: Complete body wrap

Front Vehicle Coverage: Entire hood, bumper, fenders and mirrors

Partial Front Vehicle Coverage: Partial hood and fenders, plus entire bumper and mirrors

Single body panel coverage available as well

Contact us for quotes and info

gloss ppf.jpeg

Supreme Defense Gloss

Avery Dennison® Supreme Defense™ Gloss, a next-generation gloss clear paint protection film, provides ultimate performance and outstanding durability. Supreme Defense Gloss delivers outstanding protection from outdoor weathering conditions, and creates an invisible barrier against stones, stains, scrapes, and insects, while enhancing the vehicle’s finish and maintaining its resale value. The advanced hydrophobic top-coat layer repels water and dirt for easy cleaning and low maintenance, and has an excellent self-healing capability along with a trusted 10-year durability assurance.

matte ppf.jpeg

Supreme Defense Matte

Avery Dennison® Supreme Defense™ Matte is advancing technology in vehicle paint protection. Science-driven innovation has developed a highly advanced and durable exterior protection you can give today’s vehicles.
Built with three specialty engineered layers, Supreme Defense Matte paint protection film is made with enhanced high-performance polyurethane technology that ensures a uniform look and long-term stain resistance with a stunning matte finish.

noir ppf.jpeg

neo noir

Avery Dennison® neo™ noir is a distinctive, wet apply, solid color line of paint protection films with a unique polyurethane and adhesive technology that gives vehicles an OEM-paint-like finish. neo noir is a solid black film with noticeable color depth and a rich black pigment. Stand Out with special accents that transform a roof and a hood with this 3D conformable hybrid film. Protect factory paint from stone chips and road debris while adding artistic touches to any vehicle.

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